Video Editor

Intro Zero Moneta Introduction made for the record label Zero Moneta Records. For use in all their music videos.
Theme Switch Promotional video to explain the graphic features of a switch theme on a website and related graphic changes implemented.
Advertising Oplaa Promotional advertising video of the site and the services provided by Oplaa Ticket, the site for restaurateurs and customers that offers a space to publish their discounts in a simple and intuitive way.
Newscast Theme Opening theme for an online newscast dealing with volunteer and social solidarity news.
Interior Design Illustrative video of a 3D interior design creation for an apartment, with a visit to the entire building.
Presentation S.W.D. Video relizzato per la presentazione dell'azienda informatica S.W.D. (Software Web Development).

Slide Sometimes a camera and a lot of imagination are enough. keyboard_arrow_down keyboard_arrow_down

Slide Of course it also takes some photographic experience. Believe Me

Slide Many believe that it is enough to take a few shots and edit everything, but a professional knows that to get a good result you have to study and make countless suitable choices.

Slide Light and shadows make the difference, especially when the color is so little that details are imperceptible.

Slide In addition, there are subjects seen and reviewed thousands of times to be made unique again.

Slide The right shot, the ideal scenario, the right time and many small tricks.

Slide In a nutshell, if you want to get results, rely on a professional.

Slide I'm sure you understand how much effort and time it takes to do this. Learn More

What I Do

Intro & Theme

Starting from scratch, I can create the perfect opening theme for your program, or your brand intro for your advertisements, an animation of your logo or any short video that you can think of. I’ve already done several of these projects and I’m sure you’ll like the final result.

Marketing & Advertising

Do you want to advertise your brand, your company, your product, your app, etc … Anything you want to advertise in a video that respects both web and television standards, send me your idea and you will receive all the useful info on how achieve it, methods and timing.

Music Video

You have made countless shots of your music video and now you would like to make a suitable montage to your backing track, I have a lot of experience on this, contact me and explain your idea, I will try to realize your project to advertise you or your band.

Any Other

Maybe you are thinking of something different from the previous options? Feel free to contact me and explain your plan, I will be happy to offer you advice on this and give you the opportunity to create what you are currently only imagining.

beyond imagination.
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video editing.
Whatever project you want to carry out, you will constantly view the progress of the work in order to suggest your changes during construction, I use a step by step procedure in order to achieve the final result desired by the customer in the shortest possible time. Perfection
in motion.
I consider myself a perfectionist, since I do not think that the work is up to expectations and qualitatively excellent I cannot stop working on it, this is one of the characteristics that led me to obtain great satisfaction in both work and play. Contact Me
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Latest Videos

Video Events Do you want the montage of an event that you have filmed or do you want me to film it? CONTACT ME Advertising Videos Do you need to advertise something, an event, a service or a new product? CONTACT ME Custom Audio Do you want to insert custom audio, sounds or music made especially for you? CONTACT ME